Experiencing the Therapy of Giving Thanks

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thess. 5:18

I.  The Blessing of the BODY   (Rom. 1:8)

In almost every _________ Paul wrote, he gave thanks to God for those in the Church.  cf. Rom. 1:8; 1 Cor. 1:4; 2 Cor. 1:11; Eph. 1:15-16; Phil. 1:3-5; Col. 1:3-4; 1 Th. 1:2 Notice that Paul gave thanks “to _______ through Jesus Christ” for the believers in Rome.   cf. Rom. 1:8 By far, the most common thing that Paul gives thanks for in believers is their _________!

Paul was thankful for believers whose faith was genuine, growing and ___________. cf. 2 Tim. 1:3-5; 2 Th. 1:3 FYI – Many of these letters containing Paul’s gratitude for other believers were written from __________! Paul even gave thanks for the _________________! In addition to their faith, Paul was often thankful for a Church’s ________ for one another.  cf.  2 Th. 1:3

“I love mankind, it’s people I can’t stand!” Lucy Van Pelt

II.  The Test of FELLOWSHIP  (Phil. 1:3-5)

For the Philippians, Paul gave thanks to God for their __________________ in the Gospel.  (koinonia) “Fellowship” is a deep ____________ of something in common with someone.   cf.  Acts 2:42; 16:13-15

“It is possible to be close to people physically and miles away from them spiritually.” Warren Wiersbe

We share the ___________ and the Holy Spirit in common together.   cf.  Phil. 1:5; 2:1; 1 Jn. 1:3, 6-7 Fellowship was first & foremost among ___________. i.e.  we are one Be Careful – the World is filled with ____________!

Practical Application:

  1. “Your faith is being proclaimed…”  –  Rom. 1:8
  2. “Your participation in the Gospel…” –  Phil. 1:5
  3. “Your love for all the saints…” –  Eph. 1:15-16

Appointments with God

“The Gift of Gratitude”

1 Thess. 5:18

Monday, December 20th

Meditate upon the Coming Ruler of Israel:

  • Micah 5:2

This is one of the hundreds of O.T. prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah.  Note the phrase “from the days of eternity.” Praise God for His eternality & eternal life.

Tuesday, December 21st

Meditate upon the Coming of the King:

  • Zechariah 9:9-10

Note the contrast between “King” and “humble…mounted on a donkey.”  Spend time thanking God for Jesus’ humility in “emptying Himself” by becoming a man to die on a cross for you!

Wednesday, December 22nd

Meditate upon the Birth of Jesus in Luke:

  • Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-20

This is one of the birth narratives in the Gospels. Make as many unique observations from this account as possible.  Praise God for the Glory & the Humility of Jesus’ Birth!

Thursday, Decmeber 23rd

Meditate upon the Self-Emptying of Jesus:

  • Philippians 2:1-11

Note that the context of this passage is the fellowship & oneness of believers.  Why is Christ’s “attitude” so significant?  Pray for this same attitude in your life.

Friday, December 24th

Meditate upon the Pre-Eminent Christ:

  • Colossians 1:15-23

Note as many characteristics of Jesus as possible. Is He God or isn’t He?  Humble yourself before Him in confession & call upon His power in prayer.

Saturday/Sunday, December 25-26

Meditate upon the Lamb who is WORTHY:

  • Revelation 5:1-14

Spend time praying verses 9-10 and 12-13 back to God.  God loves to hear us proclaim how precious His Son, Jesus, is to us.  Talk to Him about it.

[audio:|titles=42 The Gift of Gratitude (Romans 1_8 and Phil1_3-5)]

42 The Gift of Gratitude (Romans 1_8 and Phil1_3-5)