As I was thoroughly enjoying the Iowa Hawkeyes Orange Bowl victory over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets with some friends, a comment was made that was very interesting. I don’t care whether one is an avid Hawk fan, Cyclone fan, Husker fan, or Lord have mercy, a Buckeye fan, if you are any fan at all, your passion moves you to shout and holler and high five one another everytime your team does something awesome! I must say that during the Orange Bowl game, we were going crazy just watching our defense dominate this famed “Triple Option” offense of Georgia Tech. But back to the comment made–someone said, “I’ve made a commitment to the Lord this year that I want my excitement and enthusiasm and passion for God and His Kingdom work to be like that of my excitement and passion for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team! WOW! That hit home like a ton of bricks as I just gave another high five to my fellow Hawk fan! Why is it that we can get so pumped and excited about a football game and a certain team, and then come to church to “worship God” and all the passion and excitement fades and all we do is get critical and negative and sour! I don’t know about you, but I don’t invite people to watch the Hawks at my house who are “Debbie Downers” or like to throw a “wet blanket” on all the excitement! I want positive fans! And when the TV commentators get all negative on Iowa, I just turn on Gary and Eddie on WHO and let them get me pumped back up! Why can’t God’s people be more like that for Christ and the Kingdom! If there is anybody that WE KNOW is going to WIN or is going to pull out the VICTORY in the End, IT’S GOD! I love being on HIS TEAM! It’s great being a Fan of Almighty God! Well, why don’t we SHOW IT this year–2010! When you go to worship this week, don’t be a “Debbie Downer”, Jesus is ALIVE; He’s Won the Victory; He’s Paid the Price; His Spirit is Present; Satan is Defeated; It’s time to Celebrate! What would people do if we started High Fiving in church! Think about it! GO GOD!!