See that you are not frightened

Matthew 24:6


-This morning, we will focus on the “e__________ a___________” following the difficult “birth pains” (Matthew 24:8)

-Replacing fear with:


2)T_________ (Millennial kingdom!)

3)Thankfulness & P______ (defeat of sin & death!)

I.Replace fear with Encouragement (Reunions; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

-Paul writes to the believers in Thessalonica:

1)You believe that Jesus r____ from the dead (v.14)

2)Know, then, that those who have died “in him” will c_______ b_______ with Jesus (vv.14-16)

3)We will be r_____________ with these believers in the air (v.17)

-But Paul writes of another reunion that will be even b____________ (v.17)

“… God’s greatest gift to us is, and always will be, himself…Not only will we see his face and live, but we will likely wonder if we ever lived before we saw his face!  To see God will be our greatest joy, the joy by which all others will be measured.”  -Randy Alcorn

-Our Response: E__________________ (v.18)

II.Replace fear with Trust (Millennial kingdom; Revelation 20:1-6)

-The P________________ stance:

[audio:|titles=25 See that you are not frightened (Mat. 24_6)]

25 See that you are not frightened (Mat. 24_6)